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So, my last post was quite angry. I did something I very much think is wrong.

As I've said many times, I live by a principal that the most important thing to be is altruistic. Yesterday's post was not. And I regret that in many respects.

Anger is sometimes necessary. Feminists, civil rights activists, politicians et al. are often driven by justifiable anger. There's a lot of inequality in the world: rich and poor, men and women, races, sexualities etc. But I think it's always important to be altruistic, loving, empathetic. Prejudice is the child of ignorance; it's a wayward child that can be set on the right path. But whilst one can be driven by anger, I have never believed in being militant. I don't believe that will no change ignorance and prejudice. I believe that love will.

In many ways, I'm privileged. And this illness has added to that privilege. I now have great empathy for those who suffer with mental illness. Before I was diagnosed, I too had very …