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Last week, I launched Openly Depressed. (Please do read the latest post by Lisa, by the way).

My expectations were that this would take off and become huge and that the money I had spent on badges and flyers wouldn't bother me in the slightest because a movement had begun!

But those were just my expectations. Not reality.

The truth is that the response was lukewarm. A lot of the people who had offered to help me couldn't (which is understandable, as most of them suffer with mental illness and thus have bad days). And to top things off, I had some bad news about someone in my immediate family which really upset me.

One of the worst problems when doing campaigning was that people reacted badly. Don't get me wrong - some people took badges and flyers and were lovely! But here's a list of genuine responses my helpers were met with when flyering:

"I'm alright thanks, my mental health is good."
"Not interested; I don't think it's an issue."