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"Forget Mental Health Awareness Day"

Mental health is not some grim and dark spectre.

I'm going to keep saying variations of that until it sinks in. 
I wanted to take a quick opportunity to write about Mental Health Awareness Day at Warwick. The fact that, at the time of writing this there are 1, 559 people invited and only 222 going on the Facebook event is symptomatic, to me, of Warwick's problem.

"Screw these basket cases. I'm not crying in bed like a pussy. I don't give a fuck."


"If It's not feminism or gay pride it's mental health awareness - the SU are always trying to ram some politically-correct bullshit down our necks."

Or even

"Yeah, it's sad. But I've got more important things to do. And besides, I don't want people to think there's something wrong with me because I went!"

I'd hazard a guess that a woefully high number of people fall in to one of those camps. Or something like one or more of them.

Mental Health Awareness Day is important…