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My Next Project After Warwick.

Having finished my degree, I'm left with a question I never thought I'd face: what do I do?

To explain: I assumed that either before or shortly after finishing my time at university, I'd commit suicide. Fortunately, thanks to therapy and drugs and those closest to me, that's no longer something I want to do. I'm still depressed, but I'm not suicidal.

Having assumed that I wouldn't be around, I never gave any thought to a career. When I did, I decided that I wanted to focus on raising awareness about mental health issues, at least for the foreseeable future. But having experienced how badly campaigning can go, I've decided to use what little (if any) skills I have at writing to talk about mental health issues instead. So, I contacted the mental health charity Mind about something I wanted to do to support them. I came up with this:

In the throws of my depress…